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Policies and FAQ

Please read this page in its entirety before booking an appointment! 

Any cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance in order to receive a refund of your deposit. If using the online booking system to cancel, please call the studio in order to initiate a refund.

Guest Policy

  • One adult guest is allowed in the piercing or tattoo area during your appointment.

  • We do NOT allow children or babies to attend tattoo appointments.


Age Policy

  • We do NOT tattoo under the age of 18 (even with parental consent).

  • We do NOT pierce children’s ears under the age of 8. 

  • All minors must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian with the required documents (see ID requirements)

  • The following piercing services are 18+ only: surface piercings, tongue piercings, nipple piercings, genital piercings. 




  • All adults must have a government issued photo ID card present at the time of their appointment in order to receive services. 

  • Minors must be accompanied by their a parent or legal guardian and have THREE documents present:
    1.ID for minor
    2. ID for parent/guardian
    3. Birth certificate
    Minors are required to bring their birth certificate and a photo ID (valid passport, drivers license or school ID) with them to their appointment. Birth certificates are required and can not be substituted. Parents/legal guardians must provide a valid government issued ID 


    Jewelry Policies 

  • We do NOT pierce with outside jewelry

  • We only use jewelry from a select handful of jewelers to ensure safety and quality control. Unless you own jewelry from a brand we already use, we are unable to pierce with it or insert it for you. 

  • We do NOT piece with or insert jewelry that is worn by another person that is not you. Jewelry can have only ONE wearer. We are happy to help you insert your previously worn jewelry from us. 

  • We do NOT accept returns on worn or tried on body jewelry. 


Credit Card Policy

  • The name on the debit or credit card being used for payment MUST MATCH the name on your photo ID. We CANNOT accept debit or credit payment without the card's owner present IN-STUDIO (this includes spouses, parents & relatives).


Booking Policy 

  • All appointments require a deposit. The deposit covers the cost of the piercing/service fee of the appointment being booked. 

  • Tattoo and piercing deposits are forfeited in the event of no-call no-show OR same-day cancellation without extenuating circumstances. 

  • Jewelry and aftercare are not included in deposit costs. If booking an appointment by phone an invoice for the deposit will be sent by email. Basic implant grade titanium jewelry starts at $30 per piece. 

  • Tattoo Appointment bookings will be considered “pending” until the deposit is paid. Failure to pay the deposit invoice within 2 hours of booking will result in the loss of the appointment slot

Lateness Policy

  • PIERCING: In order to be able to provide the best piercing service possible and give each of our clients the time and attention they deserve we have implemented a late policy. Lateness beyond 5 minutes will result in an appointment reschedule and a forfeiture of your deposit. 

Situations where we cannot offer services: 

  • We do not tattoo or pierce anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • We are unable to tattoo or pierce anyone who is pregnant.

  • We are unable to tattoo or pierce anyone who is nursing a child under 4 months old. 

  • Flying with a fresh piercing can cause excessive swelling to the piercing site resulting in complication of healing. If you are flying within 4 weeks of receiving a piercing we recommend rescheduling for after your flight just to be safe.

  • Swimming and exposure to sun can cause significant damage to your tattoo that is under 3 weeks old.

  • Swimming within the first 6 weeks of receiving a piercing will SIGNIFICANTLY increase your infection risk.

  • We STRONGLY recommend not receiving a piercing if you will be submerging it in pools, hot tubs, oceans, lakes, rivers or tubs.
    *Please note that showering is OK!

  • If you will need to remove your jewelry for an upcoming surgery or medical procedure, we recommend not getting pierced until after your procedure. The piercing can close very quickly and switching to a retainer may not be the best option while it's fresh.

  • If you know you will need to remove your jewelry often during the healing process for sports, performances or any other activity, we advise waiting to get pierced until you know you'll be able to leave your jewelry in for the entire healing process.

  • Attempting to remove and reinsert jewelry into your fresh or healing piercing can result in increased infection risk, irritation, rejection and other problems.

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