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Child Ear Piercing Ages 8+


Three documents are REQUIRED in-studio the day of your child's appointment

We can NOT pierce your child's ears without the following: 

1. Child's birth certificate (or other paperwork proving guardianship)
2. Child photo ID 

3. Parent photo ID


 Why? We don't someone bringing your child here to get pierced without your permission! 
This policy protects everyone and is required by the state. We don't know why "mall piercing places" aren't            required to do this, but we want to make sure the decision to allow your child ear piercings doesn't go to somebody that isn't you!

Due to COVID only one parent or legal guardian is allowed inside the studio.

No siblings are allowed to attend. 

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times. 

If your child at any point says they no longer wish to be pierced, we will end the appointment. We believe the child must fully consent to having the piercings done without any duress or coercion. 

If at any point the piercer feels that it's unsafe to continue the appointment, they reserve the right to end it. This includes if a child cannot sit still to allow us to safely perform the piercings, or if a child experiences an emotional outburst. 

Important To Know


Swimming with healing earlobe piercings is not advisable for at least the first eight weeks. 

Removing jewelry within the first several months of piercing can result in the piercings shrinking or closing, so please plan accordingly for sports and activities that may require removal of jewelry. 

You and your child will need to return for a "jewelry downsize" somewhere between 4-8 weeks of healing. All new piercings swell and we must pierce with jewelry that allows for the earlobes to swell to prevent earrings from sinking into the skin. 



All piercing earrings are flat-backs (see diagram at the top)

Material is implant-grade titanium (same as medical implants) meaning its hypoallergenic and safe for long-term wear inside the skin. We also carry solid 14k & 18k gold and genuine stones. 

We have a large range of options sizes, color, setting & shape. Some can be found on our webstore by clicking "Shop Body Jewelry" at the top of this page. 

Our jewelry is backed by a lifetime manufacturers warranty. If your child's jewelry is broken or defective it can be brought back in to be sent back for repair. This does NOT cover lost jewelry. 



Final price will depend on the jewelry you and your child select for the piercings and can fluctuate with changing costs of materials. Please call us for a current basic price quote. Pricing structure is

Service Fee + Jewelry Cost + Aftercare Solution Cost 

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