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 While we do offer certain piercings for minors, we do not tattoo under 18.


All three of the following documents are required in-studio at the time of the minor's appointment. 

1. Parent/Guardian Photo ID   

2. Child photo ID 

3. "Proof of Guardianship" such as a birth certificate



At Diamond Heart Body Piercing LLC we follow all rules and regulations made by the State of New Jersey / Hunterdon Department of Health. In addition, we chose to follow the rules made by health and safety organization The Association of Professional Piercers. 


In order for a person under the age of 18 to recieve a piercing from a body art establishment in the state of New Jersey and county of Hunterdon, they must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian, both parties must have photo ID in addition to "proof of guardianship".  


Proof of guardianship is most often a birth certificate.


We are required to verify that any adult "signing" for a minor to get pierced is in fact legally allowed to do so. Think of it this way--- You wouldn't want somoene else, without your knowledge or consent,  bringing your child in for a piercing. 


In order to stay compliant with NJ Body Art regulations, you and your child will fill out a Consent and Waiver to Pierce form. Both of your photo ID's and proof of guardianship will be kept on file. You are welcome to block out any information on these documents that you deem to be sensitive. 


Please note that step-parents without legal guardianship cannot sign for a minor.



Age Restrictions

We only offer ear piercings to children at the age of 8 years old. 


All other piercings are performed on minors on a case-by-case basis. Each piercer reserves the right to refuse service. 

We do NOT offer nipple, tongue, surface piercing or genital piercing on minors



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