Our Story
Diamond Heart Studios was born on 44 Rt.31 in Flemington, NJ out of necessity for high-quality and safe body piercing in Hunterdon County. Until October 2013 when Lenae opened the Diamond Heart doors, there were no options in the Flemington area for body piercing enthusiasts to obtain fine quality body jewelry. Diamond Heart Studios became the very first specialized "piercing only" studio in town and began offering high-quality implant-grade body jewelry along with medical-grade sterilization and aseptic technique in a family friendly environment. 
Lenae pierced full-time, six days a week for two years until their pregnancy in 2015. Soon after the joyful news, Sam Kratzer and Sydney Roda joined the studio and held down the fort-- Sam specializing in jewelry and counter work & Sydney an established professional piercer.
After almost three years with the title of "piercing only" studio, Diamond Heart joined forces with local tattoo artist Karen Schaefer to add custom tattooing to the list of services being offered at the studio.  It wasn't much longer after Karen joined the team that she took on Kori Millhimes as an apprentice. Simultaneously, Lenae began teaching their apprentice, Sara Bowman tools of the piercing trade. 
A few months later, things began to get cramped at the original 900sq ft Diamond Heart location. Business was booming and new tattoo artists and piercers were joining the team, but there wasn't enough room to fit everyone, including clients! Tattoo artist Sydney Osso stumbled upon Diamond Heart via an Instagram ad and came in to interview and quickly became a part of the family, but without much room to allow everyone to work, a decision had to be made. Lenae knew the studio had to expand, so they moved Diamond Heart Studios to where it currently resides, in an over 3,000sq foot space on 19 Stangl Road in Flemington, the budding art's district of the town. 
The Diamond Heart Family has continued to grow since.
Clients now travel from all around the tri-state area to visit the studio for custom tattooing, high-end body jewelry and professional body piercers who go above and beyond to ensure the safety and happiness of everyone who walks through the doors. 
Why Choose Diamond Heart Studios?
All of our tattoo artists use a completely sterile and disposable set-up. The only reusable item is the tattoo-machine. 
Some of our artists have formal art education backgrounds and others have won awards traveling & tattooing at conventions.
Diamond Heart Studios has won best in Hunterdon County on the Hunterdon Happening List four years in a row for piercing and twice in a row of tattooing.
Three of our body piercers belong to the Association of Professional Piercers, a health and safety organization dedicated to education and higher standards in body piercing. 
All piercing jewelry is made of implant-grade materials such as implant-grade titanium, implant-grade stainless steel, niobium and solid 14k & 18k gold.
Our piercing jewelry is hand-crafted by top of the line manufacturers in the USA and comes with a lifetime defect warranty (NeoMetal, Anatometal, Industrial Strength, LeRoi Fine Jewelry, BVLA, Body Gems, Sleeping Goddess, Precision One, SM316).
We care about you! We will guide all clients through any relevant safety concerns discerning your tattoo or piercing. 
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